domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009

The problem not your heart
But the feelings that reside in him!

The poblema is of the feelings
And of the distant memories
What you do not manage to forget!!

He them is the poblem is that horrible past
What insists in being always present
What leaves marks..
What makes you (and me) suffer .. eternally??

A poblem is a poblem
And almost them have solution!
And do they have this one or not??
(fica ao voço critéro!

sexta-feira, 19 de junho de 2009


It is here that I write
And I hours lose without end
It are here what I describe, everything what is a good and bad for me
It is here that I write everything what I happens and it happened
Be by day or at night like a tar!

Parachutist is welded here what I escape the thoughts
It is here which square and I sink my torments
It is here what are like my memories
It is here what I guard like my histories

It is here that my secrets are hidden
It is here that all my medos are put, hemmed inIt is here that
I write everything what I feel
Rage, emotion, I never lie
And you know that!

I want to find you!

I walk around the world
I want to find you
I do not give birth to a second
I am not to stop!

I am not stop
To the berm of the road
I go looking
At any place
To any place!

I know that
I am going to find you
In the land or in the sea
In a day of Sun
In a night of Moonlight!

In Cloudy days
With the rain to fall
And with the soaked feet
I am going to go out to look for it
I want to find it!

I am look for yout
I am never go to give up
I want to find you
And I know what
I go !


White and naked
By day hidden
At night gloomy!

White face,
Like the snow
Light like a feather
It is to you that I dedicate this poem!

The Regime of Salazar!

Because it is that I am between grills?
Did I do badly to anybody?
I am here shut
Without company!
Nobody is here!

I want to leave from here!
I only said the truth!
I want to leave from here!
I have a right
To the freedom!

Now we cannot already speak
We cannot already shout, dancing
Now that a new regime began
The regime of salazar!

I do not want You....

I do not want you...
I do not want to see you!

I do not want you...
I do not want you any more!

I never again am going to find the true love
This is completely an illusion!

So I know!
You destroy
You gnaw
Mine heart!

So do not give!

So it does not give...
So do not give, joy!
So it does not give...
So do not give, company!

I feel that I lost heart
I like you, me you do not
So be no passion!
What is the piece of news?

It is yesterday, today, tomorrow
It is a given novelty shear in the morning!

What is the piece of news?

It is something of new
It is something unknown
It is something that is known today
And that one forgets tomorrow!

What is the piece of news?

It is something of the moment
It is something instant
It is what it happens
And be going to happen!

Happy Day of the Father!

I know which today is a special day for you
And since you are special for me
I want to give you East present
Why never you forget me!

I wait what you could remember
Of standing up while laying
This special day
What made to you celebrate and Remembering
The fact of being a father!